A narrative essay is about storytelling that focuses on tiny details, feelings, and emotions to reflect a situation. It should be written in a way so that the reader can easily get the story correctly. To make your narrative essay stand out, you can make use of dialogues in the essay to describe the situation. When readers will get the exact words of people, they can easily understand their feelings.

In this article, you will find all the important rules to incorporate dialogues in a narrative essay. Keep on reading the article to crafting an outstanding piece of paper without any hesitation.

Dialogue Definition

Dialogue is basically a conversation between two people. Following are the main functions of adding dialogue in a paper:


  • To create a tone for your paper

  • Highlighting the mood and feelings of characters

  • To make characters more personal and bright

  • To make a piece of writing more interesting and enjoyable for readers


Dialogues Types 

There are two types of dialogues:


  1. An indirect or Inner Dialogue 

It is usually something said or written but the words are not in the original form. Here is an inner dialogue example in a narrative essay.

“I can’t think that my brother went to another country for business. Will he visit me at least every year?” Wondered Sarah to herself.


  1. Direct or outer Dialogue

It is a direct conversation between two or even more people. Here is an example of direct dialogue in a narrative essay.

“Yes, my friend, we were waiting when you and Kim will make this decision!” joined Alex.


Rules To Put Dialogue In A Narrative Essay Properly

Adding dialogues are a great way to make your writing brighter and more exciting for the readers. But putting dialogues inappropriately can easily confuse the readers. To avoid misunderstanding, there are some simple rules that you need to keep in mind if you want to add dialogues in your paper.

  1. Make sure all the direct words are placed in quotation marks to show these are the exact words by people.

  1. The words from a new character should be written from a new paragraph.

  1. Properly punctuate the dialogues in the narrative essay.

  2. Make sure the reader understands who is talking.

  3. If you are writing a long quotation of a certain character, set opening marks from the start and set-closing marks where the speech ends.

Keep these simple rules in mind to add dialogues in your narrative essay.
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